Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

  1. Avoid spam filter – spam is any form of unsolicited email sent out to customers. Many organisations have sophisticated filters that prevent unsolicited emails getting through. Some of the most common used phrases that trigger spam filters are ‘Free’, ‘50% OFF’, ‘Save’, ‘Earn’ and ‘Discount’.
  2. Only send if it is valuable information – the key here is ‘know your audience’. If the content is not of any relevance to the target audience, it will be trashed.
  3. Know your product and your market position – your email should address a problem and offer a solution with the ability to highlight your competitive edge / uniqueness too.
  4. Subject line – you need to instantly grab your audience attention in 3-5 seconds with a key product or service benefit.
  5. Customise your message – people feel more inclined to read emails that are personalised.
  6. Keep it simple and short – users often read web content in a F-shaped pattern. To accommodate this, use bullet points and action verbs to pull your audience into the message you are trying to deliver. Avoid cheesy phrases and give the reader a reason to explore your message further.
  7. Timing – timing is essential. Research shows that emails are often read on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  8. Frequency – allow your emails to be expected e.g. every Tuesday at 3 pm (GMT).
  9. Include an unsubscribe option and refer a friend option.
  10. Measure effectiveness of each campaign.

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