Improving Your Customers Experience With Segmentation

happy customerOne sure fire way to ensure that you get the clients instead of your competitors is by offering a personalised and targeted experience for your customers and this can be done with customer segmentation. Whether customer segmentation is something you have just started trying out recently or you need some fresh ideas for increased targeting then these tips from Pure 360 should really help you and enable you to provide the best customer experience possible.

You can look at Customer Demographics and segment your customers in this way, for example TopShop did this to invite local customers to a new store opening but you could also segment based in age or gender as well as location, ensuring that you send the right email communications to the right people.

You can also look at something like a Customer Lifestyle Email, ASOS do something very similar and when they see someone leaves their site after looking at a particular item of clothing they will send an email with a discount offer, encouraging them to come back to the site and purchase the item they were looking at. The most common lifestyle stages begin with research engaging with people via PR and marketing before lead generation via gated content that needs contact details, then feeding more product information to encourage a purchase before working on VIP treatment to support customer retention.

Another segmentation strategy involves identifying your most valuable customers and giving them a highly tailored VIP experience. A good example of this is George by Asda sending their VIP customers notifications of their sales before anyone else hears about it.

There is also the RFM analysis which is based on the concept of those that bough from your recently, buy from you frequently or spend a lot with you and are likely to do again soon, you can send an email or discount for related items to the products they have recently purchased or like Sheerluxe you can send higher-spending customers promotions for higher-end products.

These are just some segmentation strategies you can try in order to offer your customers an excellent level of customer service.

That’s it from Gemstar Marketing this week; we will see you again soon but remember to continue growing your business and make sure you always stand out from the crowd.


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