Businesses Doing It Right With CRM Systems

CRM systems offer the technology for businesses of all sizes to automate, synchronise, automate and support their customers through marketing, sales and customer service. Research shows us that customers who are emotionally connected with a brand are two times as likes to purchase a product or service and four times as likely to defend that purchase decision to a friend or family member – so how can a CRM system help you and how can you ensure you do it right?

Well we have looked at a selection of businesses who are currently using CRM systems and they are certainly doing it right, so let’s see what tips and pointers we can pick up from them;

Wells Fargo is an organisation that deals with around 70 million individuals, keeping track of money and property – customer service is one of their most pressing concerns, especially as one of the ‘Big Four’ banks in the USA. They use CRM social media connectivity so they remain in touch with their clients at all times, whenever they are needed and quickly connect their clients to someone who can provide them with a solution if they have a problem.

Meanwhile CRM systems can work just as well for smaller organisations like Bespoke Collection who offer fine wines and elegant art experiences through top-tier memberships. They have created a superb CRM system that attracts the right customers by creating loyalty programs and memberships through their deeply involved relationships through understanding the behaviour of their customers. Bespoke Collection has created a personalised service that their clients love and it really works for them, gaining more sales and stronger relationships with their clients.

And finally we look at Munchery, they are a small business in America that were set up to provide a delicious alternative to a standard food delivery – the idea was to supply customers with high quality food that was ready to eat, whenever they were in the mood. However, Munchery quickly found it a struggle to manage their quickly growing number of repeat clients while catering for the needs of new clients and they found a CRM was the perfect way for them to measure customer satisfaction, making last minute changes to orders, track the ordering process and sharing feedback with the chefs.

CRM systems are helping businesses all over the world become more successful – how do you think a CRM system could help your business achieve more?


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