About The Author

Alesia Morgan is an email marketing expert and graduate mentor. She has had experience in both B2B and B2C companies with leveraging customer insights and data to increase their ROI.

Using her over 9 years of digital marketing/email marketing/eCRM experience, Alesia helps to bring to light how to make your email marketing strategies customer-centric. With a passion for A/B testing, consumer behaviour and conversion optimisation, Alesia believes in utilising a multi-channel, multi-device approach which leverages the customer life cycle and maximises all the relevant touch points along the way.

Currently working full-time for a renowned Global Travel Company, Alesia voluntarily offers her time as an Email Marketing Consultant working with SME businesses who need modern marketing direction but don’t need a full-time, permanent marketing director.

She has her own proven approach and system for helping a business or brand move from dangerously low levels of customer awareness to pleasingly high levels of advocacy inside 12 months.

As of September 2016, all her consultations will be offered online where FREE support will be offered to 3 clients a month for 3 months only; to book in advance, please click here.