Top 10 Email Marketing Best Practises

Measuring Success– Ensure you outline what your key performance indicators are going to be e.g.: Open rate Click-through rate Click to open rate (number of unique clicks/number of unique opens) Bounce rate Delivery rate (emails sent, measured against bounces) Unsubscribe rate Referral rate (‘send-to-a-friend’) Number, or proportion of, spam complaints Personalisation – Improve response rates by personalising […]

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Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

Avoid spam filter – spam is any form of unsolicited email sent out to customers. Many organisations have sophisticated filters that prevent unsolicited emails getting through. Some of the most common used phrases that trigger spam filters are ‘Free’, ‘50% OFF’, ‘Save’, ‘Earn’ and ‘Discount’. Only send if it is valuable information – the key […]

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